This morning after yet another dental appointment I took up residence at this cafe – halfway between home and the dentist. It wasn’t that I needed to recover from dentist, but the fact I had planned multiple back to back and overlapping meetings with our volunteers. We had such fun chatting to each other. In most cases it was the first time we had met, as many of them had been recruited during last year’s lockdown, and until today all of our meetings had been via Zoom or over the telephone. It was fabulous to finally meet them. But that’s not the reason for this bonus square . . . . . .

Tea Break

I thought we could also enjoy a coffee/tea break together, and where better than in our first Past Squares gallery. Don’t forget to also pour yourselves a little something!

Wasn’t that a wonderful first room, so many fabulous Past Squares to discover. I am hoping you will have a chance to visit every Squarer in every room this weekend.

By the way all of the squarers in the first three rooms joined in the fun of Past Squares on day one of the challenge. Mostly I have linked to their day ones although just occasionally I was sidetracked by another day’s square.

Our final two room in this opening gallery are rather a bumper collection. Originally one room but now two, thanks to the glorious rush of Squarers in the past couple of days. Here you will find here our lovely new squarers, a few squarers whom we have not seen for a while as well as everyone who joined us after the first day.

Thank you to everyone who has joined in the fun of past squares in the opening week. I hope you’ll continue to square in the coming weeks, for now though let’s explore the second half of the final room.

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  1. It’s really late, but I really wanted to post some pictures. New, I fear, but I do have a huge backlog of bird pictures that are fluttering madly in trying to fly onto the screen. So I just had to give them some time. I love this post! So many wondering idea and photographs, oh my!


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    1. When I started the gallery it was quite small, and I thought it would be a nice way just for a few of us to catch up but then it kind of grew!

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