Title refers to bus not me!

This is me on day two of last month’s festival, when I was invited to sit in the past. This tiny bus originally begun life as a Model T car in 1913, but in 1921 it was converted into a small bus and provided a service between Owslebury and Winchester. Not sure how passengers would feel today about the seats in the back, but suspect most like me would be too excited about being transported in an 100 year old bus! The other bus in the photograph is also very special as that is Dennis, who celebrated 90 years this year.

Now as you may have spotted not every photograph in the gallery below is square, but that’s okay. In Squares we only require one Square photo and I have managed two in this post! I was also thinking how many other themes I could have used my two squares for. ‘In the Pink’ immediately springs to mind but also thought Lines, Roofs, Circles and Squares, Perspectives, Up and Time.

PS Today is also Six Word Saturday, so if your title is six and your image square why not link to both Debbie and myself. And if you want to experience a ride in an 90 year old bus here’s a video of Dennis and his friends around in Winchester.

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  1. How fun! And wow, I’m impressed Dennis learned to drive that old bus. What a challenge! It’s great that these organizations are keeping these old vehicles are still around to enjoy. I really enjoyed this.

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