Are you ready for Squares? It returns on Friday, and the October theme offers something for absolutely everybody – a chance to share past posts, past squares and glimpses of the past. I finished my Square preparations yesterday and so today I thought I’d offer a glimpse of the past on Winchester’s High Street. I took it on the final day of the heritage festival, an old fashioned painted advertising sign that is brand new. I rather like it!

I couldn’t though make it Square which of course is why it is not one of my thirty one squares for October. Hopefully though it serves well as a Squares advert!

Remember you don’t have to share square daily; your squares can appear once a week or just once. It is totally up to you. As is the content of your squares. Here’s a reminder of what your October Square(s) could cover;

  • Re-post a previous square post which at the time didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • Share one or more leftover squares from a previous theme that you loved
  • Share a new photograph that would have been perfect for a previous theme
  • Or if you have not been squaring for very long why not pick a theme you missed and share thirty one squares of that theme
  • Alternatively have fun with the word ‘past’ by sharing squares of history and heritage, and that includes past holidays!

The tag is PastSquares but the only thing you need to remember is that in October your images must be square – that’s four equal sides!

72 thoughts

  1. How Fun!! I’m not sure how to share a whole post. But I love the idea of recycle, reuse. And Mercery and 5 other planets are Re-tograde right now so you are spinning with the universe 🌎🪐💫

    Liked by 1 person

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