Apologies all for the lack of communication this month, but I have been as focused as this Eagle these past few weeks. The festival went splendidly but had such a busy time either attending some fabulous events, managing the social media or replying to booking enquiries. I did though have last week off visiting my lovely mother and youngest step daughter in Somerset. This week I am caught up with post festival meetings and work, and of course preparing for squares! Have you got your squares prepared yet – here’s a link to the theme announcement.

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  1. A lovely portrait. Glad you managed to get a break to spend time with your mum. A lovely week for it too, September up to now has been glorious.

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    1. Thank you – and yes was amazing. Able to sit outside for most lunches and afternoon teas – perfect. And her garden was/is looking stunning


  2. Still great no matter how many times we have the pleasure of viewing this handsome fellow – or gorgeous gal. All my squares are prepped, ready, willing, and patiently waiting πŸŸ₯ 🟧 🟩 🟦 πŸŸͺ as am I πŸ₯°

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    1. They are such great birds to photograph – I have so many photos of them!!

      and yes you are organised. I am still prepping mine, but do at least know what is planned every day

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      1. It’s pretty much the same here. Posts are done but not β€˜dated’. I think I’ll be going for a little pot luck depending on how the day is travelling. 😊

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    1. Thanks Margaret – I have hundreds more so you can definitely expect more!!

      and yes I know – spent much of yesterday prepping, but still have two thirds to schedule! Today though I need to get my festival head on again.

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