Tomorrow is the start of Heritage Open Days, England’s largest festival of history and culture.

From 10th until 19th September across England you will find thousands of FREE events taking place celebrating our architectural, natural, historical and cultural heritage. Some events you can just turn up to on the day, others need to be booked in advance. You don’t even need to leave your own home to join in the fun as there are also online events.

I help promote events in and around Winchester, a small city in county of Hampshire and this year there are more than 200 events happening across the county. A true extravaganza of live streamed lectures and in person talks, boat and walking tours, self guided trails, food tastings, masterclasses, exhibitions, vintage transport, open days, story telling, podcasts and live performances. There really is something for every age and every interest!

It does though mean that over the next ten days I am going to be caught up with booking enquiries and supporting fellow volunteers with our social media, Actually that’s what I have been doing the past thirty days too! However the next ten days will be be busier as I am also hoping to get to a few in-person events myself and I am hosting eight online events.

So of course this means I am going to have to take a blogging break for a week or two. I will be back though late September as lots to do before Squares returns in October.

Whilst you await my return why not join in the fun of Heritage Open Days yourself wherever you are in the world. Remember every event is FREE and many are online. Here are some links to help you find events . . .

And it is not just in England that there are heritage events happening. Events can be found across Europe, although the dates will vary – European Heritage Days. Do let me know what you get up to.

PS You might particularly want to check out this one – Walkeology!

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    1. Hi sorry for my tardy reply – it went very well but so busy, and still lots to do! I had last week off though which was rather splendid


  1. I’m definitely up for Walkeology. What fun. And yes, there’s lots going on. I hope you have time to breathe and enjoy the events yourself.


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