This is very bittersweet since as well as being the last on the card for Brian, it is also the last photograph ever to be taken of this gorgeous boy.

Septimus 2006 – 2021

I took the one above on Tuesday 31st and the one below a few days earlier. These past few days I had taken to sitting with him on the bed in the afternoons to settle him as he wasn’t feeling well. We knew things were unlikely to improve, so whilst he slept I took the opportunity to capture a few photos. Yesterday we went to the vet for his final visit.

Septimus joined our family in 2006, at around 6 to 9 months old. No-one is too sure of his exact age. He had been found on an industrial estate in Hampshire, and needed a home. Fortunately for us and for him that home was ours. My seventh cat, and probably the most characterful and loving cat I have ever had the privilege of living with. And that’s saying something as the other six were pretty fabulous too, specially Tiggy.

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  1. Aww, dear Septimus. He reminds me of my sweet Leon, now gone since 2018. You gave each other wonderful times and lives and you were both blessed to have each other. My sympathies, Becky!


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