Verreaux’s eagle-owl

It isn’t the largest owl in the world but it is the largest to be found in Sub-Saharan Africa, their usual territory and also in Hampshire which is where I saw this one. They apparently enjoy a good bath in a rain shower and they are the only owl to have pink eye-lids! No one really knows why they are pink. The black – dark brown eyes indicate they are a nocturnal hunter. If the eyes had been orange then you would know they are crepuscular hunters (dawn / dusk) and if it had yellow eyes then their hunting period would be during the day.

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  1. Now you’ve sparked a memory. Early one morning I was walking in a hotel garden at Lake Naivasha. I happened to look up into a very tall thorn tree, and there was the eagle owl looking back. They are hard to believe even when you’re looking them in the eye.


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