Today’s the day I make the announcement. I really hope you are going to like this next theme, it aims to celebrate four years of squares. I thought I’d shared a gallery of sixteen squares to get you in the mood.

Did you recognise them? They are all first squares from the past four years. You see October is going to be a month of Past Squares. A month to share memories, personal favourites, leftover squares and also have fun with themes you have always wanted to try. Yup this means that you can do all or any of the following;

  • Re-post a previous square post which at the time didn’t get the attention it deserved
  • Share one or more leftover squares from a previous theme that you loved
  • Share a new photograph that would have been perfect for a previous theme
  • Or if you have not been squaring for very long why not pick a theme you missed and share thirty one squares of that theme
  • Alternatively have fun with the word ‘past’ by sharing squares of history and heritage, and that includes past holidays!

I am so looking forward to celebrating the past four years with you, and can’t wait to see what you decide to do. The only thing you need to remember is that whatever option(s) you decide to go with your photographs must be square – that’s four equal sides!

Just in case anyone needs to remind themselves of or discover our previous squares themes, here’s a word cloud with all sixteen of them or you can click on each of the sixteen squares in the gallery to visit day one of each.

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  1. Congratulations on the past four years! what a milestone you have…
    I haven´t been here for long but I really enjoyed the past challenge about TreeSquares.
    I am totally inspired to do some…
    keep on going Becky…thanks so much for spearing us ahead with your awesome vibes…and yes, those are all wonderful Squares! Cheers!!!

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