For weeks I have had a plan for today, but then a few moments ago I realised it just wasn’t going to work! You see today is the day that the fabulous Clare encourages us to change our desktop. Well I wanted to use this lovely shot. I had already retrieved it from my Monday Portrait collection as I just love how the light falls on (or is it underneath) the tail.

I thought it would be perfect for my desktop. But then just now when I did the desktop change, it just didn’t work. The light is still great but the focus isn’t good enough for my big screen. There was a momentarily panic as the post was seconds away from being published. I quickly unscheduled and had a look back to that day when I just couldn’t decide on desktops. So many choices! I nearly went for the gulls as I had already told Brian and Clare I had gone for a bird desktop again. However the gull was looking at me too closely, and it has been a square. So I looked at my phone and I found this Hampshire view, taken just a few days or so ago. You’ve seen an autumnal version taken just around the corner, this is the summer version and I am pleased to say it works well as a desktop.

PS David this post could be considered an obscure hint for October!

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    1. On a farm! They’ve concreted their drive as they’ve converted their outbuildings into units that other businesses use. I was on my way to our garage which is in the biggest unit but stopped to pick up some eggs at entrance!


  1. Oh come on Becky. None of us knows what you ACTUALLY have on your desktop. I don’t think you’ll blaze in the eternal fires of hell if you actually can’t put your chosen image up. It’s the thought wot counts. Or you could do as I do and have a randomly changing desktop whose photos aren’t even mine. It was there when I got my computer. Mind you, then you definitely couldn’t enter this challenge.

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  2. I do love your Monday Portraits, Becky, and that tail does look well lit. However, I adore the view of (somewhere in) Hampshire. It looks so inviting. Thank you for sharing with me and joining in on this desktop sharing fun πŸ₯°

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