It has been a fabulous month for connections and threads as we have all branched out with our squares. I have been having so much fun visiting your trees, and it has also also been a fabulous distraction from my crazy work month. However the latter I am aware has impacted on my ability to visit regularly throughout the day, and consequently I may have missed one or two squares of yours. So if you have squared but not had a comment from me on your post leave me a message below preferably with a thread to that square and I will visit before the end of the month.

If you have not yet squared or have only squared once or twice this month, then why not join us all today. This month’s squarers would love you to be part of the family tree. All that I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it somehow includes trees. As you can see they don’t even need to be real!

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