It has been a fabulous month for connections and threads as we have all branched out with our squares. I have been having so much fun visiting your trees, and it has also also been a fabulous distraction from my crazy work month. However the latter I am aware has impacted on my ability to visit regularly throughout the day, and consequently I may have missed one or two squares of yours. So if you have squared but not had a comment from me on your post leave me a message below preferably with a thread to that square and I will visit before the end of the month.

If you have not yet squared or have only squared once or twice this month, then why not join us all today. This month’s squarers would love you to be part of the family tree. All that I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it somehow includes trees. As you can see they don’t even need to be real!

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  1. What lovely embroidery! A nice touch to the tree squares. I’m a bit late commenting on your squares this month as I got an abscess and it made me very ill. Slowly improving, but not out of the woods yet!


      1. Thanks Becky, never known pain like it! Thankfully on the mend now, but it is not something I ever want to repeat.


  2. This has been a true pleasure! I sincerely hope you leave room in October for foliage because basically, that’s what I do in October. Take pictures of the leaves. I think EVERYONE does because in a good year, it can be an amazing experience to view and photograph.

    I love your needlework trees! I was trying to find Christmas trees that were already square. In the end, since WordPress changed the way they display photos, I couldn’t find any. I hate the way they just show you a very small number of pictures — and not the same ones each time, so even if you found it once, you can’t necessarily find it again. I’m going to have to dig through my files — and through my backup files. I get very lazy about going to the backup drives. I know. I’m bad.

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    1. ooh is the media search function not working on your WP? I know it’s not brilliant but it does seem to help a little bit – there again there have been frequent occasions when I have just given up on it!!


  3. This post is so clever. It’s alarming that there are only three days left until the end of the month and the end of #TreeSquares. Not much more time for clever ways to use trees. Dang!!!

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