I am back in Portugal for today’s #TreeSquare as it is Friday, and I spotted another little something in my tree archives for Marsha and Cee.

I suspect the yarn is no longer in situ as I photographed this street art back in 2019. However it was definitely public art as it was all over this MΓ©rtola. Each tree had been bombed by a different parish, a reflection that many of the villages to the north and west of MΓ©rtola were once renowned for their lace making, their blankets and woven carpets. You can enjoy more of their crochet designs here.

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  1. I may have already left you a comment, Becky. I’m getting lost, LOL! Right now I’m responding to Public Art, and this is a fabulous post for Public Art. I love the colors against the holes in the crocheted piece. Just adorable. πŸ™‚

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      1. Not just you! I’m a muddled mess. This is the first day that I’m not ready with a scheduled post, and I only have one more scheduled for July 31. I’m going to have to hustle, and so far I’ve just been visiting and responding to comments, not writing. So… better get with the program! πŸ™‚ Have a great rest of your weekend, Becky B.

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      2. sometimes that just happens doesn’t it – you think you are all organised then the time just disappears. You are fabulous with how many you visit and comment on, and your comments on everyone’s posts are always so lovely

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      3. Thank you so much, Becky B. Comments are the reason many people blog. I try to leave as many as I can and make them a little more than “Good job.” My kids at school used to imitate me going around saying “Good job.” as they were working. Then I learned I needed to tell them why it was a good job. πŸ™‚ It was so funny to hear them imitate me, though.


      1. I did …. it must have been such a fun & riot to see so many different works of art on so many trees! And to think there are festivals around the world which carry the message. And that it started in Texas? that was an eye-opener.

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