Do hope you are enjoying part one of the gallery. I’ve used present tense as suspect some of you are still exploring! I thought this evening I would share part two. Part two of the gallery is smaller than part one as it features those who have been squaring daily or almost daily. First though my bonus tree square – I have gone all autumnal because tomorrow I am sharing more colour and I thought they might look good together on my home page!

I am aware for some of you the weekend is almost over, however hopefully you will all have enough time to explore at least part of it. As in yesterday’s gallery there are some fabulous and unusual #TreeSquares to be discovered.

Do hope you enjoyed looking round the first room, I am just loving the variety of posts. Then I guess that is not surprising given there are more than 60,000 species of trees in the world and over 3 trillion individual trees.

Trees truly are wondrous things, and have inspired so much already this month – from quotes to poetry to fabulous music. What fun we having squaring trees, and discovering that they more easily square than you might first have thought.

Oh my I have just realised I forgot to mention refreshments. Apologies everyone, however hopefully by now all of you are well prepared for square galleries and always have a little glass of something or maybe a big cup of something to hand!

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  1. This is a fabulous gallery, Becky, as is the first one. I can see that your theme is as well-loved as any theme you’ve chosen in the past.

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      1. I had a long list of alternatives!! Still will help with 2022 squares (already decided the theme for the last one of this year – well I think I have made a final decision!!)

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  2. I just can’t keep up! How do you do it? I shall try and come back to the galleries when the weather turns. Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. A bit too hot for any gardening to take place until later when I really must mow the lawn!

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    1. I am just very disciplined some days with checking, although as you can see I am a bit behind now!!

      Did you get the mowing done? Only cooled here by a few degrees over night


  3. These were so good Becky, I can’t believe so many great tree photos have been shared. I’ve checked out quite a few and have enjoyed them all.Your autumn shot is spectacular! Thanks for all your efforts in compiling these galleries for us.

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      1. I did it! I visited everyone in this gallery and left a comment. So many beautiful shots from all around the world. It must give you great joy to see them all. I’ll save the first gallery for another day.

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      2. oh wow you are extraordinary. Hope you enjoy the first gallery as much, you may though need a larger cup of coffee, and maybe some of your Birthday cake too!!

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