I wonder if Kew had George Nakashima’s quote in mind when they planned their tree top walk. It is rather wonderful to be up in the tree tops, although when I enjoyed the adventure back in 2017 I was rather disappointed that you didn’t actually walk amongst the branches. I guess though they had no choice but to keep them slightly out of reach.

The treetop walkway at Kew Gardens is 18 metres above ground, and flexes slightly in the wind. If you are feeling brave and the walkway is open, you have the choice of either climbing the 118 steps up to the top or hopping aboard the lift. We did steps both ways, well Mum, myself and brother did. My sister for some reason caught the lift down!

By the way we have passed the halfway point of July Squares. Where is the month going? If you have not yet taken part then you two weeks left to square your trees. We’d love it if you did join us. To join us create your square post and include a pingback to any of my daily square posts in July. Don’t forget to also use the theme’s tag – TreeSquare. Tags help everyone find you in the reader and they also help me enormously when preparing the galleries. So please do use them. The most important thing though to remember is that your photograph must be square in shape, well at least one of them anyway!

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  1. Somewhere in my brain is the yearning for a tree house. I will never have one, but somehow, the idea of being part of a tree, of living in one — well, unlikely at this point in time but the thought it there 😀

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  2. The treetop walkway at Kew Gardens looks like fun. Maybe a little scary, but mostly fun. I’d love it. It’s amazing that we are over halfway there. I have a couple of posts for you today. Have a wonderful day, Becky B. 🙂

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