Majestic at Kew

I know, I know it should be a cherry with this title but I didn’t have any cherry trees photographs that could reflect the delights you are going to discover in this first gallery. It really is splendid, full of wonderful new squarers, those who have not squared for a while and those who are popping just occasionally this month. I do hope you will have time this weekend to visit some of them.

Wasn’t that a wonderful first room in this our first tree gallery. It has been such a joy to meet so many new squarers, and also a joy as you will discover in the next room to catch up with many we have not seen for a while.

By the way if this is your first time visiting a Squares gallery, then my advice is to pour yourself a glass or mug of something before you explore any further. Exploring the gallery is a wondrous thing, but with so many squarers ( it is now over 90) you do need refreshment!

By the way I have split our first gallery into two as there are so many squarers to catch up with. Tomorrow we will be spoilt with the final third, which will feature squarers who have been keeping up with me by squaring daily or almost daily. It is going to be the loveliest of weekends!

So why not join us if you haven’t already! It is never too late to start squaring, there will be further galleries later in the month, and maybe also in August. Here’s a final room full of inspiration to help you plan your next or first #TreeSquare.

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