‘Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky’

This month’s theme of trees has unleashed so much fabulous creativity, affirming perhaps Kahil Gibran’s suggestion that trees are poetry. I’ve been delighted by your squares and that so many of you have elected to accompany your squares with music, quotes and poetry. It seems trees really has captured everyone’s imagination. There are now nearly 90 squarers taking part this month, I wonder if the #TreeSquare community could grow to 100 in the second half of the month, with trees that are;

  • Centre square or hidden in the background
  • In focus or in the shadows
  • Or if you have lots of tree photographs why not square a different species every day
  • You don’t even need to share real trees!

It is totally up to you how you include trees in your July squares and if a daily tree square for the remainder of July sounds too daunting, it is also okay to pop in occasionally with your trees. The frequency and content of your squares entirely depends on you and your blog. The only absolute rule for joining in with Squares is that your photograph must be square in shape! Although I’d love it if you also left a comment on my post, conversations make the challenge so much fun.

By the way if you are wondering when the first gallery might appear, then your wait is over. A gallery will be appearing later today as a bonus square.

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    1. thank you 🙂 and apologies for my tardy replies, as you will have noted I took the week off from the blog! Will be catching up shortly though with all your comments. So huge thanks

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