In case anyone is wondering I am having a bit of a moment with Portuguese trees. I just have so many in my collection that I cannot resist sharing them with you.

I am being inspired by all the tree squares being shared by this month’s squares community. You are all wonderful, and clearly share my love of trees! if you have not yet joined us then there is still plenty of time as the challenge runs until the end of the month. As you can see from the list below the theme is pretty flexible;

  • Trees can be centre square or hidden in the background
  • You could focus on one tree and share a different part of the same tree each day
  • Or if you have lots of tree photographs why not square a different species every day
  • You don’t even need to share real trees!

It is totally up to you how you include trees in your July squares. However there is one rule that cannot be broken – your photograph must be square in shape. However that doesn’t stop you accompanying your #TreeSquare with a non square too, even I do that occasionally!!

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  1. Lovely trees, Becky. Running through the fields at this time of year here would probably earn you a head on with a rattle snake. So I’m glad to enjoy it from the vantage point of your camera.

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      1. 🙂 We saw a king snake this evening as we came back from emptying the trash. They are harmless and eat rattle snakes. 🙂


      2. I did a little bit, but it was very pretty, and much more wary of it. They have some kind of immunity to the rattle snake’s poinson


  2. These Portuguese trees look like the trees in the background of pictures by Rembrandt and other oil painters of that period. I wonder if most of Europe had that type of tree “back then.”

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