Many kinds of fruit grow upon the tree of life but none so sweet as friendship; as with the orange tree its blossoms and fruit appear at the same time, full of refreshment for sense and for soul.

Lucy Larcom, 1824-1893

If you are not already taking part in Squares, we’d love it if you joined us. Like the orange tree and friendship, squares are fabulous for our senses and soul. To join this amazing blogging community simply create your square post with a pingback to any of my daily square posts in July and the theme’s tag – TreeSquare.

If a daily tree square sounds daunting, it is also okay to join weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your trees. The frequency and content of your squares entirely depends on you and your blog. The only absolute rule for joining in with Squares is that your photograph must be square in shape! Although I’d love it if you also left a comment on my post, conversations make the challenge so much fun.

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  1. I’ve always dreamed of having an orange tree, but our northern climate won’t allow it- or so I thought! We recently learned of a Washington Orange that we can try- I’m so excited, lol.

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