One of the delights of our blogging community is that there are always ways to link up with other challenges whilst in the middle of a challenge. Today I thought I’d link up with a great one that is in its infancy and is being co-hosted by Cee and Marsha; Photographing Public Art Challenge. This week it is Marsha’s turn to explore art in public places, and I thought immediately of this mural in Olhão. Perfect for #PPAC.

And if you look carefully you will spy the tops of a couple of trees. Yup this is is a #TreeSquare too! I know I know only part of a tree again, and they are not even real today. However the only rule is that your photograph must be square.

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    1. likewise – looking forward to seeing yours, be there in a moment. Just catching up with comments first as I have been entertaining all day so not been online

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      1. Hahah.. I know, Treesquares is a big hit..and you must be feeling ecstatic! Its really a great platform and I am grateful to be in your circle. thank you, I appreciate it a lot that you even took time to respond and check on each post—that shows your genuine interest.You and others have inspired me to improve my writing and be creative with my posts.
        Your feedback means a lot–so keep it up!
        happy weekend to you lovely witty lady!


  1. Love those murals and nice to include them early on to give us more reminders of the variety of photos we can share for the theme

    And I did get some art on a small brick wall that I plan to share later but today’s post had barbed wire and leaves
    Anyhow / hope you have a great day

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