I am sure everyone knows, but just in case you missed the announcement and my three follow up posts here, here and here, Squares starts on 1st July with the theme of trees and the tag #TreeSquare.

Trees are not always easy to square so don’t worry if they cannot take centre stage. It is fine to keep them hidden in the background, or maybe just focus on one tree and share a different part of the same tree each day. In fact you don’t even need to share real trees!

This one I promise is a real tree; it is a grafted fig tree in the Algarve.

Other tree ideas include starting with one tree and then increase the number in your squares day by day until your final square with thirty one trees, or maybe squaring a different species every day, photographing their shadows or even hugging one in your local park. It is totally up to you how you include trees in your July squares.

If a daily tree square sounds daunting, it is also okay to join weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your trees. The frequency and content of your squares entirely depends on you and your blog.Β The only absolute rule for joining in withΒ SquaresΒ from Thursday is that your photograph must be square in shape!

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  1. I am so looking forward to Squares again! and I love that it is a TreeSquare this month. I will pop in every now and then to visit & hopefully contribute some good squares! Thank you in advance for a fabulous month of TreeSquares!

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  2. Tree huggers unite! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Have a great month, Becky, and don’t get too exhausted. I’m not planning to return in July but, as always, I’ll be around.

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      1. On the 1st I have an online funeral at 9.30 and a memorial service for Marie at noon. Hardly an auspicious start to the month but hopefully the best of the year still awaits. Take good care and I’ll maybe see you in the autumn? πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’•


  3. I’m almost totally unprepared. I had thought for a while about doing the entire month without showing so much as a twig of any trees, but I don’t have the time to organize that right now. I’ll probably end up with an erratic mix. Not sure about it being every day though.

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      1. Well on one hand it seems a rather basic theme – right? But then on the other hand it is almost like “yes – of course we need to have the almighty tree” featured as a square prompt – and I can’t wait to see what folks do. You also noted it could be tough to square a tree photo and so I expect we will see some fun angles and even abstract artsy takes.

        – and side note – I used to post with the challenge for “sunday trees” and those posts were some of my least viewed – I don’t really track success by views – because some of my personal favorite posts might not have many views or likes but they mean a lot to me and enrich my blog – however, I was always curious about that and then realized I did not even like doing Sunday trees and so I changed my blogging MO

        See you later this week

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      2. That’s fascinating about Sunday trees. I wonder why, because as you say trees are wonderful. I wonder what will happen with Tree Square?!

        Like you I can’t wait to see what people do

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      3. well I predict the July tree squares will thrive – partly because they are everywhere – such an important environmental element – and the varieties are enormous – and so I am predicting it will be a huge hit.

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