Not long now before Squares returns and as you can see I have been practicing cropping in anticipation. My Monday Portraits were going to take a break in July but then I spotted a few trees had been photo bombed by birds so Monday Portraits will keep going. Yay!

I suspect Jude and a few others will spot that yet again I have not said what bird this is. However there’s a proper excuse today. I wanted to see who can identify this bird. It may not be obvious as this is a a juvenile, and rather like starlings that means its plumage is quite different to the adults. It will be another 4 years before this eagle (ooh big hint!) will have its full adult plumage. So I won’t be surprised if you don’t identify it. If you think you have worked it out or would like more hints then take a peek at this shot of an adult.

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      1. You are so good. I am way behind after spending time with the patient who is much better. I hope it’s raini8ng a bit tomorrow so I can do a whole lot. 😀😀

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      2. My July is shaping up to be busy too. I have my turn at being Cee’s guest tomorrow as well as other challenges being organised 😰


    1. Oh you were so fortunate to see them so regularly. Such a majestic bird, also very heavy! I’ve been lucky enough to fly a male, but boy did my arm ache on landing!

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      1. I once saw two of these birds fly into the trees on the edge of my lawn. I watched them for a while figuring they’d fly out the way they came. Instead, they took off farther into the trees and all I heard was the sounds of branches breaking as they went!

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