Oops it has felt like a long time hasn’t it. Charity work is beginning to take over my life again, and so when we took a few days off to visit family and to have my lovely mum to stay I decided to go completely off line. Those few days turned into a week and then before I knew it ten days had passed. So huge apologies for not visiting you all recently and for also taking so long to reply to your kind comments. I have missed you all.

I have though had a lovely time away from the screen and going offline is the reason I met this fine fellow, no 1818, who is now going to look at me every day for the next month. He’s my new desktop, and will remind me not to leave it so long next time. I am also hoping he might help keep my batteries fully charged as my charity to do list has grown enormously over the past week and there is also the July Squares schedule to get my head around. Both projects though are really exciting, and I am looking forward to juggling work and your fabulous square trees next month. Specially if you manage to add in a friendly face or two.

No1796 was even friendlier than no1818 and if he could have I think would have jumped the fence to come home with me! Probably not a sensible plan though, so instead he’s going to answer ‘what is tag for next month’s Squares challenge?’.

It’s #TreeSquare

56 thoughts

  1. Either of those cows could jump the fence and follow me home. I think I’ll join your squares challenge next month – my creative mojo needs a bit of a kickstart.

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  2. Cute as can be! My last work day was Friday and now 7 weeks of vacation is waiting. Alarm bell has been turned off 🙂 Nothing much planned, only my second shot of vaccine and I still have some preparations for the squares next month 🙂

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