Cee is inviting us all to enjoy yellow this week, and I discovered this in the tree collection I am preparing for Squares. Hope it is yellow enough for Cee! And for those intrigued by what kind of tree it is I have included a square version below that is less close up.

The photographs are of different holm oaks, and so they could be Quercus ilex , Quercus rotundifolia or maybe even Quercus faginea. Although probably not on the latter as I think all three I photographed were evergreen. Their fabulous catkins appear in early spring, even earlier in the Algarve. Apparently the ilex are one of the top trees for truffle orchards, and we’ve observed all are loved by bees thanks to the early flowering.

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    1. So am I Cee even though it has taken me another 10days before I reply. So so sorry – last Wednesday turned into a very long work day and then the next 10 days I have been offline. Hope you are well, and that you have a fabulous yellow splash last week


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