I was just in the process of deleting some shots off the phone when I remembered last on the card. So unfortunately you won’t see the really strange ones I took in May, but that’s probably a good thing as they might have given the game away for the next Squares theme. Instead you get to enjoy a slightly blurred Forget-Me-Not!

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  1. I have actually been pulling out armfuls of them this week! I pulled some out before we went away as they tend to crowd the perennials that are trying to come through, but some got a reprieve. They are lovely in early spring and always look charming with the other flowers.

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    1. Oh you’re so right. I think tulips look particularly great in amongst them. And I’m loving that they are also helping to defeat the ground elder in mine!

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  2. I love forget-me-nots and used to have a garden bed full of them. The drought didn’t do them any favours and I thought I’d lost them all but this year one single plant appeared. I nurtured it and gathered the dried seeds and sprinkled them all through the garden again. Fingers crossed for some more.


    1. Thanks Margaret 😊 I’m actively encouraging them in the garden these days, and they’re looking fantastic in places. I must try again to photograph them, maybe with actual camera next time!

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