You may recall a couple of months ago I could not decide my new desktop, well today I thought I would return to that collection and my eye was drawn to this one. I know everyone in England is wishing for sunny blue skies to replace our stormy May skies but this shot felt perfect for the month I am having!

By the way I haven’t forgotten that a Squares announcement is also due now. Things have been delayed because of my charity work, I am though still mulling over options when I can. All being well I will make the final decision before mid June. Whilst you are waiting why not pop across to the wonderful Clare and her desktop friends.

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  1. love the colours, Becky! The sky and the sea are such different shades of moody & broody, and yet the flying birds are so carefree & exuberant!

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  2. Oh gosh – that does not look like the ideal month with a grey, close sky and fluttering birds! I hope next month you’ll think a balmier view is more appropriate. Sending a virtual hug!

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