You may recall a couple of months ago I could not decide my new desktop, well today I thought I would return to that collection and my eye was drawn to this one. I know everyone in England is wishing for sunny blue skies to replace our stormy May skies but this shot felt perfect for the month I am having!

By the way I haven’t forgotten that a Squares announcement is also due now. Things have been delayed because of my charity work, I am though still mulling over options when I can. All being well I will make the final decision before mid June. Whilst you are waiting why not pop across to the wonderful Clare and her desktop friends.

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  1. It might be grey but it’s still a lovely shot. I’ll be getting ready for July squares ahead of time again as we’ll be on the road so I’m looking forward to hearing what the new theme will be. I’m going to use photos from our recent journey to central Queensland.

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    1. Thank you so much 😀 the days are just ridiculously busy at the moment, and my to do list seems to have an automatic filler. However hopefully things will become calmer soon


  2. Nice shot. Stormy weather? “There’s no sun out in the sky, stormy weather …” I’d set it to music, but I’m not sure how. For reasons I can’t explain, my desktop looks surprisingly similar. Is this another case of great minds thinking alike or mere coincidence? Is there coincidence?

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    1. Thank you, we didn’t hang around too long after i took this as it was coming our way and we were laden down with produce from the farmer’s market. Managed to get within a few metres of our apartment before it poured!


      1. Exactly what we said when we finally got through the door . . . still at least we got within a few metres, goodness what happened to everyone who stayed at the market!

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  3. This is a terrific photo, Becky. I can almost hear the gulls “Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine” (aka Finding Nemo 😂 thank you for sharing and being part of this fun little challenge. Looking forward to your upcoming Squares announcement (no pressure, absolutely none) and I hope you do get to enjoy some sunny skies. I’ll try to send some your way.

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