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      1. I was surprised to read they are heading to north europe as would have thought our wet summer and cold damp winters would be problematic. However it is them that are heading our way rather than human interference, so fingers crossed the ones that come are ones that can cope

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    1. They are aren’t they – usually they are flying so fast cannot admire them. So very thankful we came across them just as they were emerging from hibernation

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      1. ooh these don’t bite. They are known for their non aggressive behaviors. American ones must be quite different


    1. Yes they do sound loud if you get close. They are fascinating to watch, although their size does worry lots of people the first time they see them


  1. Oh, wow! Never seen one of these. A Violet Carpenter Bee I guess? Where did you see this then? Any plans for visiting the Algarve now? Or are you waiting until the rush calms down. I suspect air fares will rocket and everywhere will be crowded, though having to pay for PCR tests might put some people off. I certainly won’t be flying until all that becomes unnecessary. I just worry that when you are in a resort you don’t have any control over who else is there, or in the airport. My fear would be to be stuck in another country without a place to stay!

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    1. You are right on your guess, and we saw it in Portugal. In spring they’re just emerging so easy to photograph πŸ™‚

      And nope no plans to go before autumn. Mostly because by time I’ve had second vaccine it will be summertime so really hot, but also I have a greenhouse full of plants. Can’t leave them!!!

      Just been talking to Margaret and she said the logistics of sorting the tests in time for departure/arrival is a nightmare. So like you we’re not going to rush.

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  2. I would not have expected a bee for purple but you’ve proved me wrong. I was thinking of you and a few others when the green corridor was announced yesterday. That must be good news, even if you don’t want to take advantage of it just yet.

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    1. Neither would I if it had not been for our regular trips to Portugal πŸ™‚ they’re also known as the Violet Carpenter Bee.

      And yes great news, especially for the Algarvian hospitality businesses. We are unlikely to be out there before October though. I don’t get my second jab til July, and by then its far too hot out there.

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      1. Seem perfectly friendly, although their size is a bit daunting when you first see them and if they come close. So many people freak out 😦

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