As have all of you this month. What a fabulously bright month it has been, and the last few days have been particularly bright thanks to the moon. Although my header and first two squares are actually from March. When I was scheduling April Bright Squares I wasn’t certain if I would be able to capture the April moon, so I thought it best to be prepared with some I had taken earlier.

The March full moon was known as the Worm Moon and it was still wriggling across the sky the following morning which is when I decided to zoom in.

I still find it extraordinary that I can can take this kind of shot of the moon with a hand held camera. Technology is amazing.

The photograph below is the April full moon, yes like a few of you I managed to get a shot! An April full moon is known as the Pink Moon, or Egg Moon or in some parts of the world as the Sprouting Grass Moon. The names reflecting what is happening on earth rather than the colour of or happenings on the moon.

April’s moon is/was closer than the March moon, which is why it is known as a super moon and why so many people have been photographing it. It just looks enormous. Apparently the technical name is a perigee syzygy or a full Moon around perigee.

What do you think – does the full moon in March look very different to April’s full moon? As far as I was concerned I found March much easier to photograph. Despite the moon being closer this week, and therefore larger, I struggled with focusing Monday night. Maybe the Somerset air was affecting me, or perhaps it was the knowledge that squares is almost over for another month. I cannot believe it is my penultimate Bright Square. Actually maybe it isn’t as I have yet to prepare the final gallery!

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  1. All my Moon photos are hand held. I even use Auto as when I fiddle about they photos aren’t as good. I am finished now. Thanks Becky. I won’t get through all of the others photos but will have a look at some no doubt. xx

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    1. Thank you for joining in, you are amazing how you participate in mine with music, and take part in so many other challenges in the month. Guess you are now preparing for last on the card 😀

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  2. Hard to believe it is the next to last day of this month’s squares! I love your moons. We had a full pink moon last night, but we also had drizzle and a fully overcast sky. I can’t shoot the moon from this house anyway. Too many trees. Need to go at least half a mile to the parking lot at the end of the road to be free of trees.

    I hope by the next time we do squares, life is something a little more relaxed.

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    1. I know, where has the time gone. And like you I am hoping July will be a bit more relaxed too – hmm you have give me food for thought for the next Square’s theme. Two ideas now in my head 🙂


  3. Wozzer! Great photos of the Pink Moon. We went out and looked at it, but I didn’t take my camera out. We had what we call a “Harry Potter” moon. It was behind the clouds and as it rose above the horizon, it parted the clouds. We were looking around for Lupin! LOL! Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the moment. 🙂

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  4. Nice moon photos. I don’t’ notice much difference between the moons. To be honest, I think there are way too many named moons. I seem to remember when full moons were just that and every once in a while (once in a blue moon!) there would be one with a noteworthy difference. Now, pretty much every full moon has a different name. It must have hired a good PR firm or maybe NASA is trying to boost interest in its forthcoming moon ventures! Here’s mine today:

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