Graham Street Market in Central

It seems decades ago since I was in Hong Kong. Oh hold on, it was almost decades ago. I took these in April 2004, when you might recall we were just getting over the SARs pandemic!

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  1. It’s great to have photos of past trips. The memories are special and it does give a renewed perspective when we can’t get there. Definitely a bright spot after that SARS pandemic and good memory for getting over this one!

    I went for Bright Blue today:

    Bright Blue Lou

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    1. That is so true 🙂 just have to keep reminding ourselves that a year or two will seem like a blink of an eye when we look back


      1. When I was a teenager, lo these many years ago. My brother worked for BOAC and so the round the world plane ticket cost 50 pounds each I think. We flew to Hong Kong from Japan and our flight was supposed to get in at 3 in the morning so we figured we’d have to sleep in the airport. But the plane had a mechanical problem and so we all got put up in a posh beach front hotel. Most of the other passengers were upset about the delay, missed connections, and the like, and we were grinning from ear to ear!

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