As I was going through the archives this one kept catching my eye, but for ages I couldn’t see a connection with this month’s Squares theme of bright. Maybe I could sneak it in under bright sunshine I said to myself and it did brighten our morning discovering it, but then I recalled how ‘bright and curious’ we were when we spotted this through an archway on Abbey Foregate in Shrewsbury, Salop.

Hobson, Greenwood & Son have been based here providing transportation (lorries, buses and taxis) for most of the 20th century and all of the 21st century. For a period they even ran a hotel at the entrance to the yard, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were here in the 19th century. As far as I know they never ran trains but the family had a passion for all types of transportation hence the signal, and if you look carefully you can also see the small gauge railway line. It is always worth being bright and curious on your travels and explorations, you never know what you find!

PS By the way everyone I am pretty much on top of visiting your squares and leaving comments at the moment, so if you have not had a comment from me within 24hrs of your pingback do check your spam. I am almost certainly hiding in there!

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  1. I love your explanation of how you tied this picture to the theme bright. It’s brilliant! By the time the month is up, your participants really learn how to address a theme. This would be a great activity for teachers to us in teaching students how to address a prompt in writing. It almost has to happen with a person’s own photograph or drawing because, as you share how you felt when you saw it, those feelings don’t exist when you write to a prompt of someone else’s picture. I love this, Becky! Here’s mine.

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      1. Explanations are so helpful. That’s why I never got interested in Wordless Wednesday. You don’t even know where the photo was taken. 🙂

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    1. Hee hee have to admit we didn’t notice the first time we walked past. I think it was the sunshine that caught our eye. Love it if you can find out more about the bus company.

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