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  1. I’ll bet we all will (or will eventually) “inherit” a jar or tin full of buttons, saved for years by a mom or grandma or unknown relative either female or male. There is something about buttons….a story, perhaps, behind each one. Your collection is quite intriguing. I happily got out from under my not so bright day-to-day “stuff” to post a bright square today. 🙂

    Wordless Wednesday

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  2. My mother had an ornate tarnished silver box filled with buttons that I loved and played with as a child. No, I never ate one or put it up my nose. Like Tish said, I don’t remember them being as fancy as the ones in your picture. As a teacher, we used buttons to count and sort and paste on pictures. They have many uses. Thanks for sharing your bright buttons. Here’s my brightsquare for today. https://tchistorygal.net/2021/04/07/becky-bs-bright-squares/.

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    1. These are rather special aren’t they, most of them will be made out of pearl, and I think date back to 19th and early 20th century. They made things fancier then!

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      1. Wow! It looks like the kind of picture you would see blown up into a huge framed piece of art in a museum or maybe a fabric store! 🙂 Fabulous and artistic, Becky B.

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      2. Yes, it is the kind of picture that I have never thought about making, but depending on the type of display, could be very sellable to a specific industry – at least once people start going into buildings again!! 🙂 Anyway I loved it, and it sounds like so many people shared a memory of buttons in their past. 🙂

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