Just in case you are not one of the sixty four who have already joined me, I thought I’d mention it is a Squares month and I am sharing squares daily. I would love it if more of you joined us, and the great news is that it is okay to join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. Around thirty of us square daily, but there are no hard fast rules on frequency of your squares. All I do ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it reflects the theme of bright.

And it is not just your squares and pingbacks I like to see, I also love receiving comments from squarers and non-squarers alike. If you have time today do also try and find a few minutes to visit at least one other squarer. Together we can support each other and be;

sparkling, polished, shining, clever, cheerful, colourful, astute, brilliant, sunny, glorious, translucent, distinct and clear

PS and if you do square please don’t forget to use the tag BrightSquare, as that way everyone can find you in the reader even when WP hides some of us which it seems to be doing these days.

153 thoughts

  1. Hi Becky, I’m hoping to participate several times this month. I decided to tie mine into a photo project that I am working on in my archives. All the photos are what I am calling “Bright Spots”, little sparks of joy for me. Thanks for this challenge: https://wp.me/pbPd2C-cL
    I was wondering if that little work of art you have posted today makes noise in the wind?
    Cheers, Amy


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