As regular squarers will know, with the exception of the rule about squares, I am pretty relaxed about this quarterly challenge. I want everyone to have fun. So you can join me posting squares daily or simply pop by as and when suits you and your blog. You can interpret the theme of bright strictly or let it take you somewhere random.

Your photographs can be brand new or from the archives, which is where I have been for today’s squares. These colourful flowers are from the 2018 Winchester Cathedral Flower festival, all being well they will be hosting it again this September.

Bright and Colourful

Hope this inspire you to join us if you haven’t already, and remember the frequency of your squares depends on you and your blog.Β All I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it reflects the theme of bright. Together, with the tagΒ BrightSquare, we can support each other and be;

sparkling, polished, shining, clever, cheerful, colourful, astute, brilliant, sunny, glorious, translucent, distinct and clear

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    1. thank you πŸ˜€ and I’ve spotted you have left a pingback too, so exciting! Will be there shortly. Lots to catch up on as had the afternoon offline yesterday


    1. The festival theme was ‘The Winchester Bible’, an incredibly ornate medieval bible and so every display was somehow linked to the illuminations and artwork in the bible. Not sure why they chose a P though!

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