This is going to be my final retrospective before the next Squares challenge begins on Thursday, but it is a rather special one. This post is going to highlight everyone who started squaring back when it first began. Our very inaugural theme was floral and our second in December 2017 was sky. Here are a few of my original squares.

The gallery above brings back so many memories of visiting Kew with Mum and my siblings on her 80th birthday, and also the year itself. It wasn’t the easiest of years but there were some good moments. There were some also fabulous squarers, which neatly brings me to introducing our original 2017 cohort. These are all the ones who still have an active blog;

It is thanks to these lovely people that Squares became a challenge, and fabulously many of them are still squaring. I hoping they will all return in April to brighten up our lives with Bright Squares. If you also choose to join us, whether that’s daily, weekly or just occasionally, I’ll be delighted. All I ask is that your image is square, that’s four equal sides, as I did below with my second theme of skies in December 2017.

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      1. I just had a thought – you could do ‘A Square Retrospective Month’ asking your followers to revisit their (previous) squares 🙂

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  1. Looking back at the first one which I joined in with, I’m not even certain it was intended as a challenge! That was on my garden blog which is still in hibernation. But this spring I shall repeat that first square challenge, with flowers from Cornwall in memory to that very challenging year.

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    1. I don’t think I’d planned itvas a challenge either! But isn’t it marvellous what has happened – and can’t wait for our lives to be brightened by Cornish flora 🥰

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      1. I think after the trauma with A that year I just needed something to cheer me up and so I jumped on joining your Kew flowers in order to share some of my flowers! So these square months could be all my fault!😮

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      2. Think we supported each other that month as I was suffering still from Dad’s death. It really cheered me up you joining me, so glad it helped you too.

        Maybe you should be the Queen of Squares!!!


  2. Happy days, darlin! I can’t believe Mum is turned 80, but then I’m chasing her along rather rapidly too. 🙂 🙂 I loved flowers. Still do! So sorry to give offence the other day. You put so much work into this, and generate huge enjoyment. I guess one grumpy guts isn’t a bad ratio. I will try to be bright 🙂

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    1. She certainly doesn’t act like an 80+ 🥰 and you’re way behind her, although like her suspect you’ll be a sprightly 80+ when you eventually get there!! Happy Monday xx


  3. Wow…that’s a lot of squares and a lot of wonderful bloggers I have met through being a squarer. You are just the best with your recaps and round-ups, taking time in your busy life for us.<3

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    1. Squares has been so fabulous for introductions, hasn’t it 😍 and thanks to you we have a wonderful number of Australian Squarers now. What a community 🙌

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