Another square I had lined up for next month but then I spotted Debbie is asking for signs of spring today, so here is spring beside the Itchen for Debbie’s One Word Sunday.

The River Itchen is a chalk stream in Hampshire, flowing from Alresford through Winchester to Southampton Water. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was navigable for barges, but these days it is rare to see anyone on the water. Instead it is a lovely area in which to walk and also one of the world’s premier stretches of water for fly fishing. You can join me on the walk here, and if you want to learn more about the Itchen’s history and discover why chalk streams are so important listen to the podcast below.

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  1. Hi Becky, thanks for contributing your thoughts to my post about categorizing. I’m going to link this post to your name in the quote so people can find you here. I’m looking forward to a “bright” future in April. I have been setting aside photos to process into squares, and I’m ready to go!!!

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    1. My pleasure and thank you again so much for creating the post. It spurred me on to look again at my categories and the difference between them and tags. I had a fabulous day tidying up the blog. So huge 😊

      And yay about squares!

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      1. I knew they were in there and they all had number labels which meant something when I first did it . But I tried searching by the title and it wasn’t on the picture any where. πŸ™‚

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  2. We’ve enjoyed a few walks beside chalk streams in Hampshire, just wandering and exploring. They’re so shallow, but the water sure moves fast. Can you confirm if the hashtag for bright squares has have capital letters. I’m up to post #18 and I’ve just used all lower case for my tags. Does it matter?

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  3. Arlesford. The end of the Watercress Line. A name that brings back memories. Thomas the Tank Engine for one! We used to drive that route to Winchester and the A34 when we lived in Hampshire.

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      1. Lol!! That’s still more recent than me – don’t think I’ve got on it since I moved here. Have though had tea numerous times at station πŸ™‚


  4. So here we are about set sail into BrightSquares what an adventure we will have together. Chalk streams are new to me. Are they where the chalk horses come from? Or chalk horses go to drink? Sorry 😁

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  5. It will be a few weeks before we get signs of spring like that. At least the snow, ice pellets and freezing rain missed us last Friday.

    I did look but couldn’t find if you had posted the tag for April Squares?

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      1. Thanks Becky. I’ve been working on my April Squares this weekend. I’ve set myself the challenge of two word title’s, Bright *******. So far I have 18 posts and haven’t used a colour as the second word so I’m now trying to avoid a colour in the title for the whole month.

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  6. The willows are certainly doing their stuff this year. Even the willow ‘pyramid’ I made last year for the sweet peas (sat in a pot all winter), has sprouted a few pussy willow catkins as a top-knot. Lovely photo, Becky.

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    1. I know I really struggle to get my head around it too, and when I walk on Wharf Hill where they unloaded in Winchester that throws me even more!


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