I was going to share this square next month but it is so green I thought instead I’d share it today for Jude’s Life in Colour. She is going green for March.

If you are intrigued by my green story, do check out my original Edinburgh post, but before you go can I share a few bright synonyms with you.

sparkling, polished, shining, clever, cheerful, colourful, astute, brilliant, sunny, glorious, translucent, distinct and clear

I thought these might be helpful for those of you planning to join me for squares next week. There are also some fabulous phrases you could square such as ‘always look on the bright side of life‘, ‘brighten up your day’ and ‘bright and early‘.

The brightness begins on 1st April and continues for the whole month. As always I will be sharing squares daily, and would love it if you did the same. However if daily sounds too daunting, don’t worry. it is okay to join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. The frequency of your squares depends on you and your blog.Β The only absolute rule for joining in from 1st April is that your photograph must be bright and square in shape!

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      1. Hee hee no weather was a typical wet cold Scottish evening, however the company we were with and fun of the lights more than made up for it!

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  1. Love the bright green, Becky, and thanks for getting us all hyped up for April when we still have almost a week! I hope that whole thing isn’t an April Fool’s joke and on the first you have an entirely different theme. πŸ™‚ Ahhh, I know you wouldn’t do that. Just having a bit of fun.


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  2. I looked at the original post and my comment was β€œ How fabulous! We’ve been to various Christmas events in Edinburgh but not this one so far.” Your reply was β€œone fir next year maybe”. Well, that didn’t work out, dit it?! Anyway, it’s still fabulous.

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      1. Perhaps not as soon as most people want. We are happy to bide our time. A couple of visits to family would be nice, but we can manage without a holiday this year again so long as we can get around Cornwall a bit.

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      2. Our thoughts too.

        Much prefer a slow phased return than a rush to open up and find ourselves back where we were. Travel is a luxury after all xx

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    1. I totally forgot the first Sunday for a colour change isn’t until after squares starts – I am a daft thing! Thank goodness you are a bright spark and have that planned πŸ™‚


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