And so we come to the year when Squares really took off, 2018, our second year. When squares began in 2017 I had never really thought of it as a challenge, but the following year changed everything. Around 80 bloggers discovered us in 2018, now before I begin to introduce you to everyone in the 2018 cohort, here are a few of my squares from March 2018. Can you recall the theme from these squares?

I combined two shapes to create ‘Squaring the Circle’ and ‘Squared Squares’, with the tag MarchSquare and it was great so many of you enjoyed the double theme as much as I did. I haven’t been able to link back to every squarer from 2018 as some blogs have disappeared or the 2018 posts have been taken down, however I have found 65. Here are some of them, many are part of 2018’s magic 35% who are still squaring today. How fabulous is that!

Month two of course in 2018 was June not July, and the theme should come back to you quite quickly when you look at the squares below. If the squares below don’t ring any bells, check out day one or day thirty one.

I fell behind with collating the galleries in the summer of 2018, but fortunately got my act together by September as that was the challenge month when squares really took off. Below my next list of 2018 squarers you will find a few of my September squares. The theme should be even more obvious than June’s roofs.

Did you remember how tickled pink we all were in September 2018? I recall many of you were surprised just how much pink you had.

If you joined us in 2018 and have not played for a while why not join us next month. Just before Bright Square begins I plan to share my final retrospective looking all the way back to 2017, doesn’t time fly with squares! Talking of which here is my final gallery from the December theme; time is relative!

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