Cee is encouraging us to look for anything in flight this week, and I thought immediately of the Hampshire’s flying acrobats. I have introduced you to them before, they are the Black Kites at the Hawk Conservancy. As many of you know it is a favourite haunt of ours.

We can’t wait to return when everything re-opens. In the meanwhile I am going to take a few moments to pause and enjoy some photographs from previous visits. It is the second photograph I particularly like as it has both natural and man-made flight in it. You may need to pause the slideshow to see what I am referring to.

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  1. Great shots of those beauties, Becky. The second photo really demonstrates perspective. I’m on my phone at the moment and would not have realised it was unnatural if you hadn’t said.

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    1. Thanks Debbie. I had forgotten i had caught the plane until I was preparing these for the challenge, and then it all came back that a place was flying over during the display


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