Natural Green

Today’s green for Jude almost became my desktop for this month, but I have to own up to Clare I haven’t actually changed my desktop this month. Sorry Clare I have been so enjoying my almond blossom I am not quite ready to let it go. Oops! However I did come up with a March desktop shortlist, and here it is (click on gallery to see them full size).

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      1. LOL! you’re welcome! I’m already working on Squares. I’m off next week as it is mine and Frank’s anniversary. I will schedule them and ping them the morning of. We are only doing day trips so I can get them out before we head out the door. Looking forward to it! 🙂

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  1. I love this, Becky, and I also love the gallery – they are all wonderful shots. You’ve inspired me to do the same (maybe next month) because I often have trouble choosing. Anyway, so glad you joined the fun even if you didn’t change your desktop. 🥰

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      1. I agree, and understand. I start looking 3 or 4 days out and suddenly I’m out of time and have to decide and I’m like Arhhh!!! 🥰😂🥰

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    1. I was so excited that morning. I had already noticed it was a great sunrise, so out I went . .. and then as i got closer and closer to the pier I realised there were puddles! Bit of a challenge to then capture it though 😀


      1. I have a bar at the side which has my internet icon and two others, and then like a tablet, smartphone or ipad I can pull up a screen which then has all the apps on it. Chromebooks work very differently

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      2. Yes you simply download them as word document and then email , or you can share via Googledocs with the option to view only which means it doesn’t matter if the other person doesn’t use Google.


      3. OK. Thanks for that. I was thinking of getting one for my granddaughter who is at college but works one week at home and one week on site.


      4. I love my chromebook – they are so much faster than normal laptops. I have quite a big one, but you can get small ones that are closer to tablets in size


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