At the end of last month there was a rather fabulous full moon, called the Snow Moon. Not that I actually photographed it at its peak at 8:17am on the Saturday. I took this shot two evenings before, so I guess you can call it an almost full moon.

It also happens to be my last February shot, which means I can share it with Brian’s last on the card. I had intended to share it on Monday but I have lost control of March already. I seem to have been impossibly busy this past week with life and charity work.

Talking of my charity work so many of you enjoyed listening to me talking about the latter last year, I thought you might want to listen to a more recent rendition. It was published yesterday, and Debbie might recognise the photograph. To listen you can click play below, or for other podcast options visit our podcast HQ.

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  1. I walked up a mountain to see moon rise and sunset.. They are quite simultaneous the night before full moon.. it was cloudy and miserable but a great moment on the mountain anyway.. 😉


  2. I’ve finally listened to that podcast – inspirational! And I’ll definitely be catching up with some of the things I missed – sea shanties anyone? Well done, Becky, well done team. It’s great for me that I have, albeit briefly, lived in Hampshire, because there is at least some connection.

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