I actually changed my background on 13th, but it has taken me until today to share with you as part of Clare’s lovely Share Your Desktop. I thought Almond Blossom rather appropriate for the month of love, given that Ibn-Almundim planted almond trees throughout the Algarve to bring a smile to the face of his beloved wife Gilda. Discover more about this legend here.

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    1. It is Clare who has inspired me to start changing with this challenge – not sure I’ll manage it every month but will definitely aim to change at least x6 per year πŸ™‚

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  1. All blossom is so very delicate, you have to wonder how it hangs on at all. There is some lovely almond blossom in a nearby NT garden, won’t be flowering just yet though.

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    1. It’s the most amazing flower. What gets me about the Almonds is that they’re nearly always on the northern slopes so extra cold!


  2. Oh my, Becky. This is delightful πŸ₯° I love it and can’t thank you enough for sharing your desktop and joining the fun. (I missed you last month but know why you were unable to join in.)

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    1. So glad you like this one, and I missed joining in too. Will try and be a bit more organised in the next squares. For now though I’m enjoying the smell of almond blossom πŸ™‚

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