Wow wasn’t January marvellous here in the Square blogging world. Real life might have been tough, and still continues to be a challenge for some of us, but here in this great community there was plenty of hope, optimism and inspiration. And today I am delighted you can revisit much of it again by stepping up into our final gallery.

Museu da Electricidade, Lisboa

Are you ready to go inside? I cannot promise you we will encounter every one of the 94 words or every up hyphen or phrase, but there will be plenty of variation and diversity for you to enjoy. I thought we’d start with the brand new squarers who joined us in the final week, and you will find them accompanied in this room by four lovely squarers whom we have not seen since last year.

I enjoy creating the final gallery after the challenge month has ended as often I find there are square I have missed. To help you check whether or not you have missed any too, I have tried to link back to a tags rather than individual pages for everyone else. It hasn’t always been possible because not all of you use tags, or your WP theme doesn’t provide a summary page. However for most it has worked and you’ll get to see at a glance their brilliance over the whole month. For the others, well you’ll get to enjoy something a little more close up.

  • So are you ready to begin staring at your screen, there are going to be plenty of sparkles and love to get us in the mood for Valentines next week
  • There are also feathered friends and gorgeous roses, and plenty of fizz for absolutely everyone!
  • So take your time today to step up and explore all the marvelous folds in this gallery
  • Squares is truly a community, and not a challenge to go super fast with or to gobble up!

Oops that last one has reminded me I have forgotten to remind you all to pour yourself something! So if you haven’t already got a cuppa in your hand now is the time to make yourself a drink.

  • Once you are back upstairs, or downstairs with your favourite tipple, it is time to perch on the edge of your seat as we have delights stacked up for you
  • Including gorgeous smiles on sandy adventures, and kids high up and having fun
  • The gathering of pile ups is beautiful here even when we find ourselves abandoned in a cage!
  • You have truly inspired us all from the smallest to the biggest line ups of them all

By the way if anyone was intrigued by the upsa/upsy and upside in the word clouds in my earlier post, they refer to upsa daisy and upside down. The word cloud tool I used couldn’t cope with two words, and kept creating separate lines for down and daisy!

  • Now time may have been wrapped up on my cloud tool but it certainly isn’t time yet to say farewell in the gallery
  • There is far too much gold to be built up and bread to be eaten up before we leave
  • No wonder I am feeling upbeat and ready to go on one of your uplifting and unexpected adventures
  • Hopefully we can climb up together or go for a wander along one of the many paths you have shared

I do hope everything one is okay at the moment, specially those of you who are recovering from Covid-19 or are in the middle of yet another lockdown. Sending huge hugs to you all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • By the end of this year hopefully we will be catching up at reunions with family and friends, and even the odd goat or two
  • Like all of you I can’t wait to be off on our travels again, maybe even as far as Upolu.
  • In the meantime I am most grateful to you for the virtual rides in the country, and walks in the beautiful landscapes
  • I have even enjoyed watching the dust ups from afar, and never has fog been so beautiful

If anyone is intrigued by my square and header today, you can find out more about it in my Portuguese post – Now for Something Completely Different. It is not a museum that most people visit!

What number did you come up with for the squares? I don’t think there are quite as many there as in the gallery! I thought I’d finish with the squarers who have been with me since 2017, and have posted every day (or nearly) of this latest challenge.

  • This great photographer almost equalled my number of different ups, and this brilliant one wasn’t far behind her
  • So join them as they take us on some fabulous adventures around the world and up splendid historical towers
  • Or maybe you’d prefer to explore a city in depth or perhaps you are a nature lover seeking to be charmed by wildlife and more
  • Whoever you follow your path will be lit up, and if you have got this far you’ve probably found you been tied up exploring the gallery for quite a while

It is so worth the time though, it is such a splendid final gallery. I do hope that everyone has been able to visit at least two squarers in every room. It means so much to us all to receive a visit a few days after we have posted a square.

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  1. Excellent post and it’s so impressive with all the work you put into putting this together!! Thank you, and its fantastic! 🥰 I think I’ll come back and visit a couple more times to view them all! ❤️ ~ Diana

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  2. Doing the gallery must take a ton of time, but thanks once again for doing it. I realized when I got here that the answer to my question on your previous post was this gallery.


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  3. My God…what a fantastic collections!
    And so much enthusiasm in the participants!

    So much of fun!

    And a great inspiration!

    I am alloting my peaceful hours to go through the entire collection…as you rightly said many might have missed due to lack of proper tagging etc.
    The community is thankful to you Becky.

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  4. You are a star Becky, I have no idea how you find the time to do all this work and I feel a little guilty that I don’t give such wonderful feedback on my challenges. I have no excuse as I probably have far more free time than you do! I shall dip in and out of this museum this week when I have a spare minute or three. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    1. You shouldn’t feel guilty, you run lovely challenges and give great feedback. I’m just a tad bonkers and get carried away – I also seem to find ways to stretch more minutes into every day!!!


  5. Thanks, darlin! What will you do with all the free time? 🙂 🙂 I’m going to play pick and mix with these for a little while, till the kitchen beckons. This must be one of your most successful ever, Becky. I think people really appreciated the distraction.

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  6. That’s an insane amount of work you have put into this beautiful post Becky — compiling all the images from the “square-up” participants! Kudos to you! 🙂

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