The final gallery is on its way, but first, I hope you don’t mind, I simply have to delve into what happened last month! Did you know there were 88 different bloggers who joined us at least once to share their #SquareUp? In the final six days there were 71 of you actively participating, five of whom had never participated in Squares before. Isn’t that fabulous. You will find them in the first room of our final gallery which is due to open its doors soon.

The vast majority of #SquareUps last month were looking up wonderfully or using brilliant phrases or hyphens such as build up, pop up, cooped up, growing up, giving up, giddy up and tangled up. We also saw some brilliant up ahead’s, up above’s, and even an up periscope and up Pompeii.

Then there were the 94 different words containing the word up. Yup, I did say 94, and in fact there may have been more as I only spent a few hours visiting everyone to see what I could find so may have missed a few hidden ups. 41 of those words were only used by one blogger, at least I think these were only used by one of you!

When we started this adventure I knew you would be inspiring, however I didn’t envisage quite so many hidden ups, nor how many occasions I would need to check in with the dictionary behind me! You have certainly kept me on my toes.

Some up words of course none of us could resist using, and the ones in this square appeared on at least seven blogs. Super is big as it was used by fifteen of you, often in extended words such a supersized, superb and superior. And I love how many of you were having a cuppa or bowl of soup!

Even just reading these words I am finding uplifting, who knew that a two letter word could be so fabulous. I really hope my April word will prove just as successful. I cannot wait to reveal it to you, for now though lets have a look at the remaining 42 words you used. The larger the font the more of you who used the word, ranging from two in the case of stupa and 7up to six of us, including me, using buttercup and group.

I do hope you have enjoyed my delve into what happened last month. I would love to know how many words you have identified as yours. Do leave a comment below, and don’t forget to also visit our final January 2021 Squares gallery. The gallery will be here before you know it! In fact one has already arrived, here are my ups.

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  1. All that participation is the sign of a good challenge, Becky. I enjoyed participating for the first time on a regular basis and look forward to the next one. Do you do a gallery of all the photos or how does that work?


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  2. Wow! Not just all the work of the challenge, but now analysis, too. Well done. Would it be OK if I send you my taxes to do? I’m sure you’d do a much better job than I would!

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  3. You’ve done a great job once again, Becky. It was a lot of fun finding photos to fit the challenge and sometimes very tricky. I’m looking forward to finding out what the next theme will be so I can start planning. We’ll be away for much of April so I want to get a head start. (hint hint) 🙂

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  4. What a great round-UP! There was so much creativity among the various squares; this group really rose to the challenge. Thank you Becky for putting in all the effort for this wonderful “blog-event”!

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  5. You are so UPlifting to us all. I know I used a lot of words, but people where so creative and they kept upping the creativity level. Looking forward to your review. Enjoy your tea as you create the gallery. 😀

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  6. Becky, this is such a mammoth undertaking, and this participant, like every one of us I’m sure, recognises the huge effort this takes from you: your reading of every last post, almost all of which you commented on; selecting something from everybody for your weekly round-up, and indeed creating this improbable piece of writing. I tried to look at quite a lot of entries, and though I nowhere near succeeded, even attempting it gave me a glimpse of the task you – possibly unwitthingly – set yourself. Thanks Becky. You’re a star

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    1. Awww Margaret thank you so much. It is a happy and enjoyable effort for me 🥰 I’m so fortunate that this challenge has such an amazing and supportive community

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      1. Thanks Jude 😊 and yes I know. The number is extraordinary – everyone was so creative. And you were top of the league with at leaat 17!


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