It is the final day of squares and thanks to all your support and encouragement I am feeling upbeat, so much so I am sitting upright like these masts.

Squares might be nearly over but the sunrise is a reminder that there is beauty, and even silver linings, to be found in an approaching storm. And talking of beautiful moments, the final gallery with your amazing squares will appear soon.

In the meantime if you have not had a chance to join in the fun of squares, why not join us today on this final day. Everyone is always welcome. The theme is up, and the only rule is that your photographs must be square. And if you can’t join us today then no worries, Squares will be back in April!

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  1. After being so busy doing nothing earlier on, and then work becoming very demanding, I know I didn’t join every day this time around. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to join you in your Squares, Becky. Thank you for hosting such a fabulous challenge. Counting down the days already til next time 🙂

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    1. It was wonderful having you here for the days you could make it. You’re such an important part of Squares now, even one day is good xx

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