There are only a few days left of January squares, and I have lost count of how many different interpretations of the theme we have had. I do plan to count them all up for the final gallery and so we can all see in one post just how imaginative you have all been. It will though take me a while to prepare, so today I am going to go up, up and away over California.

Just in case you are not aware the theme for January Squares is up, and there is still time to join us with your own square – either looking up or with a hidden up. Visit the Squares home page to find out how to join us.

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  1. Our girls purchased us a balloon ride once, but I was so terrified they had to ask for a refund. It didn’t help that every time I went to book there was a fatal accident – three in six months – so I believed someone with a higher power was telling me to not do it. I still wouldn’t, but I admire those who do.


    1. Oh no, that’s not so good. Sounds like a very poor centre. Don’t recall any accidents recently in the UK. MrB will never come up with me, but I definitely plan a repeat flight

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      1. You are so brave. Fortunately (or perhaps, unfortunately) the three accidents were not with the same company, nor just one company and one accident wasn’t even in Australia. But, together, they were enough to make me question getting into a balloon. There are other adrenalin raising activities I’m happy to have a go at.

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