At times this month, outside of our lovely blogging community, it has felt like I and the rest of the world have been swimming against the current. In fact our government has been doing exactly that for a year now. However when I look back I am hopeful we are now making headway and that there will be some adventures to be had this year.

On the edges of Dartmoor

Talking of adventures, I wasn’t going to prepare a third gallery, I thought I’d save it all for a special post in February. However we had had so many lovely new squarers join us in the second half of SquareUp, that I couldn’t resist putting another gallery together. So I’ve dug a photo out of the archives and jotted down a few words to create today’s bonus post. I hope you will enjoy!

I do understand if you are not able to visit every square today, however if you can do make the time to fully explore this next room. This next one contains all of the new squarers from the past seven days as well as few we have not seen for months.

  • So come and peep behind the clouds with me, it is well worth climbing up for this iconic moment
  • There is always beauty to be found, no matter which way up you are and if you are feeling brave you can occupy the camp on the ice
  • What a collection, no wonder we are all now cheered up, and dare I say pimped up!

Today you are definitely going to need a cuppa to explore the gallery, even if you only visit a couple from every room. So if you haven’t already poured yourself something why not go and make it now.

There are so many fabulous squares to discover and be inspired by. I have been particularly impressed by the variation in ups. I have a cunning plan for the final gallery to find every variation, but for now why not explore some of the variations in this next room.

Isn’t this proving to be a fabulous gallery. The Squares community has to be one of the best in the blogging world. You are all so amazing with your squares, and your support to me and each other. Think you all deserve a round of applause, and another great room!

If you are able to spend some time in the gallery this week you will find it a great escape from the realities of our world. I know there is much to do in the outside world, and we all have to play a part but it is also important we take time out to be quirky and for ourselves.

  • Talking of quirky and wind ups, have you looked up in Melbourne and more closely in your stationery drawer?
  • You never know what your hand might find, especially if you go up on a limb in the city of Bogata.
  • Squares after all is all about reaching up this month, just be wary though as I wouldn’t want you to end up all tangled up or duped!

Thank you everyone for joining in the fun of Squares. Since Squares began in September 2017 there have been more than 200 participant. We see on average 50 new squarers joining us every year, and around 15 people from every year have never stopped taking part! You are incredible.

Do hope you have enjoyed looking around our third SquareUp gallery as much as I have preparing it. There will be a fourth gallery sometime in February, so if you haven’t yet taken part in squares this month make sure you do before midnight on the 31st!

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  1. Phew! It’s taken me till today to get through that little lot. What a creative bunch we are! Who knew one little two letter word could generate so many interesting, often beautiful ideas? And all choreographed by the Queen of Squares. Thank you!

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    1. wow you have got through them all, that really is quite an achievement. And yes you are right, just extraordinary what those two little letters have created 😀


  2. becky – the community with the squares is wonderful and i was able to visit a handful from today’s bonus gallery!
    you really are good with hosting this challenge and thanks for all you do

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