Helicopters are probably one of the most challenging forms of transport, generating lift with its horizontal spinning rotors to overcome its weight and sweep it upwards into the air. Not only can they take off and land vertically and hover, they can also fly forward, backward and sideways. How’s that for uplift!

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  1. I have one good helicopter photos. Actually, I don’t. It’s Garry’s picture. It looks EXACTLY like yours. Same position in the sky, same kind of copter. I couldn’t find mine. I don’t remember where I stored it. Oh well. It’ll have to be birds.

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      1. The barista told me tomorrow they’re having 7X the loyalty points and if I buy something tomorrow, I’ll already have a free drink. Hmmmm, I’ll be there. No rocket science there. I do love grand openings but the special tomorrow is just a chain-wide special that he was nice enough to tell me about.

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