One of the words that remained uppermost in my mind when preparing for this month’s challenge was ‘group’. I think I had this group shot in mind, they look so upbeat.

Taking photographs of groups is not just about technical know-how and preparation it is also an art form. There are the formal static poses or the more interesting staggered formations, and remembering throughout to take multiple shots and to make sure everyone’s face is visible. However even when their faces are visible and their eyes open it doesn’t mean that you know who they are 90ish years later. All of these shots are a family mystery, they’re in our albums but we have no idea who they are. Hopefully they were upstanding members of the community!

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      1. No but at some stage in the 70’s, I had a tailor make me some trousers very similar to those in the photo. Probably inspired by Bowie’s Thin White Dude look 🙂

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  1. Wonderful but not not your family then? There are hardy any old photos in my family. A few years ago I found a bundle of letters in the second hand bookshop in Lyme Regis. I’ve never read them properly, but did write a story based inspired by them.

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    1. We think they are family but not certain as to whom!

      Love that you created a story around letters. I have some family letters which are just lovely


    1. Btw if you have any info on any of your English ancestors I’d be delighted to have a search for you. I love genealogy and have subscriptions to various family history sites

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      1. Unfortunately I don’t have history that goes back that far. I have had my DNA tested…that’s how I know. I know the part of me (My maternal grandfather) is the english part and it is rumored we’ve been here since before the 1700s. But I have no way of finding out.


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