One of the words that remained uppermost in my mind when preparing for this month’s challenge was ‘group’. I think I had this group shot in mind, they look so upbeat.

Taking photographs of groups is not just about technical know-how and preparation it is also an art form. There are the formal static poses or the more interesting staggered formations, and remembering throughout to take multiple shots and to make sure everyone’s face is visible. However even when their faces are visible and their eyes open it doesn’t mean that you know who they are 90ish years later. All of these shots are a family mystery, they’re in our albums but we have no idea who they are. Hopefully they were upstanding members of the community!

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    1. I know it is such a great photo isn’t it 🙂 I must send copies to the oldest living member of the family and see if they recognise anyone


  1. That first photo is such a delight. Such a handsome group, but what’s with the hands in the pockets? My mother hated that. And the cigarettes of course. I have groups like these, my kids will probably just bin them. All those memories gone. As for my photos I have been going to sort through the archives since I semi retired in 2008! 😂

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    1. hee hee does anyone ever really get on top of their photographs?!!!

      Love how it is the hands in the pockets and cigarettes that is catching everyone’s attention today. You have all inspired me to send these to the oldest living member of the family in the hope they may well recognise them


  2. We should all make a promise when we awake each day to find something upbeat about the day. It is not always easy. Perhaps looking to the past can help. We find people in raw situations and in despair. Yet they remained upbeat and can provide our inspiration. 🙂

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  3. I belong to a couple of Facebook groups for U.K. towns I have a connection with and people are frequently posting old photos of groups looking for names and other information.

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      1. Probably. Mine are in Cheshire where I grew up. I just searched for the town name. So if you know where the photos were taken try that. My home town is Nantwich and the group is called Nantwich Memories (or something very similar).

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      2. ah that’s part of the problem have no idea at all where in Essex, and even that is a guess! Think what i should do is email them to the oldest surviving cousin and see if he recognises anyone


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