What an uplifting group of squarers you are this month. It has been quite extraordinary. We have had so many different ups. If you have not yet joined us it isn’t too late, there is over a week to go. The theme is up, and the only absolute rule is that your photograph must be square in shape, hence #SquareUP.

If you have time I’d love it if you left a comment as well as your pingback on my square post, and as it is a Saturday why not join in Six Word Saturday too. You never know where you might end up with the 6WS gang, they are as innovative as all of us Squarers.

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  1. Okay! Found pictures, posted them for tomorrow. I’m taking a break, except from photography. I’m just a bit written out. I’m sure I’ll get a new jolt when the next impeachment starts, but in the meantime, it’s slow online and frankly, I’m a little slow too. But you are in my headlights πŸ˜€

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    1. Yes it is a European Goldfinch – very common in the south of England particularly if you put out seed or grow thistles


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